Founded By Mark and his 11 years plus in the Entertainment industry
Production Assistant Mark or Adrain
Extra Wrangler Mark or Adrian
Location Scout Mark or Adrian
Kraft Services Mark and Adrian
Transportaion  Josh (cabs and limos)

Olympus Offers:
Mark Experience:  
- Actor/Model
-Venue Management
-Convention Management
-Trade Show Management
-Mobile Tour Manager
-Concert Management
-Market Manager
-Production Assistant On Various Project
-Extras Wrangler on Various Productions
-Casting Assistant
-Location Scout
-Kraft Services Expert.

Josh  5 Experience:
-Transportation Expert Cabs and Limos
Call Josh directly at 702-815-4715

Joe: Las Vegas Location Scout 7 years plus (702) 498-2696

Please fill out the contact form below or you can call Mark directly at 310-912-4905
Offices Coming Soon
Athens, Greece
Milan, Italy
Vancouver, Canada
Mexico City, Mexico
Central Location
Las Vegas, Nevada